Home Defense Workshop

Cost: $150
Length: 6 hours

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If you own a firearm for home defense you how to properly handle that firearm before the unthinkable happens. Created with the busy professional in mind, our 6 hour classroom based workshop focuses on teaching you what you need to know properly defend yourself and your family inside your home with the firearm of your choice. The workshop will cover everything from selecting the best firearm home defense to setting up a home defense plan and everything in between! Space is limited.

Topics include:

  • The importance of the defensive mindset
  • Proper home defense firearm selection
  • The Castle Doctrine and legal considerations
  • How to best fortify your home
  • Home invasions and burglaries
  • Defensive shooting techniques
  • Setting up a home defense plan
  • The aftermath of a violent confrontation
  • And more
  • A certificate of completion is awarded
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