Utah Multi-State Permit Course with Complimentary New Hampshire Permit, Concealed Carry Seminar and optional Florida permit services.

Exercise your right to carry in over 33 states.

Cancelled: Sunday 11/12/17 - 10a - 3p
Sunday 12/17/17 - 10a - 3p
Cost: $275

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Do you want to exercise your 2nd Amendment rights and increase the number of states in which you can legally carry?

Are you a New Jersey resident who wishes to carry in Pennsylvania?

Do you want to travel to and carry in Delaware or outside of PA and in states that do not honor the PA permit?

Would you like the ability to renew your non-resident permit via the web once every 5 years for only $15 and without the need to ever get fingerprinted, photographed and take a class again?

If the answer is yes, then join us at Philly Firearms Academy: 319A Easton Road, Willow Grove, PA 19090, for our upcoming Utah non-resident Concealed Carry Weapons Permit class on Sunday, August 27th from 10am - 3pm!

Permit resources:

New Hampshire Permit Page
Utah Permit Page
Florida Permit Page
PA Reciprocity Agreements

Why you should obtain a non-resident permit:

Unfortunately, there is no such thing as a "universal firearms carry license," so the number of states that honor the Pennsylvania License to Carry Firearms (PA LTCF) changes frequently due to agreements between the Attorney Generals of PA and other states.

These changes occur without warning and without any particular rhyme or reason. So while today, the PA LTCF might be valid in 29 states, tomorrow the number of states may decrease without any notification! When you obtain a non-resident carry permit, you automatically inherit reciprocity (and can legally carry) in each and every state recognized by the Utah non-resident Permit.

Also, certain "May Issue" states such as New Jersey, New York and California, while "offering" concealed carry permits, make it virtually impossible for the average law abiding citizen to obtain a permit even if they have demonstrated need and meet all of the legal requirements to obtain one. So, what can a person that lives in one of those "May Issue" states do? Even though they won't be able to carry in their home state, they can apply for and obtain the Utah non-resident Concealed Carry Weapons Permit and legally carry in every state recognized by that state.

Additionally, dedicated concealed carriers view the Utah Permit as an investment in their safety and a sort of "backup license" much in the same way many carry a "backup gun". If a state currently covered by your PA LTCF ever changes, your Utah non-resident Concealed Carry Weapons Permit may very well cover you legally carrying in that state…even when agreements change between states without notice.

A concealed carry gun permit is a valuable credential for any multi-state traveler or for anyone concerned about disaster preparedness. Remember Hurricane Katrina when many law-abiding citizens had to vacate New Orleans to different states. Imagine how much peace of mind they would have had with a legal permit to carry a concealed firearm in whatever new state they were displaced to! Your concealed carry handgun may save the lives of you and your family in an emergency situation.

Be advised that a Non Resident Permit is NEVER a replacement for a resident permit if you live in a "Shall Issue" state. In addition, if you currently live in a "May Issue State", you should verify recognition and reciprocity agreements between your state, Utah, and the state you wish to carry in. At the end of the day, it is our individual responsibilities to make sure we are complying state laws.

Currently, PA does not recognize the UT permit from residents that live in May Issue States (Connecticut, Delaware, DC, Hawaii, Maryland, New Jersey, Puerto Rico, Rhode Island, California, Massachusetts and New York) unless they currently also have a permit issued by their state of residence.

Upon completion of our all inclusive course you will meet the legal training requirements to apply for a Utah non-resident Concealed Carry Weapons Permit and since the course is completely classroom based, no firearms manipulation or shooting is involved.

We are offering the entire package from start to finish in one session: the Utah permit certification class, fingerprints, notary services, photos, postage (we take care of malling all materials), and the permit application Fee ($69.00) for an all inclusive cost of $275.00.

Please note the following:

The application fee is NON REFUNDABLE in the event that the applicant does not meet the legal requirements to obtain a valid Utah non-resident Concealed Carry Weapons Permit.

Also, be aware that if you're a PA resident, you will need to bring your PA License to Carry Firearms in order to have us mail out your package. If you don't have your PALTCF, you can still take the course and receive your certificate and have your fingerprints taken, your application notarized and your photos taken for $200 and have a year to get your PALTCF and submit your application!


If you have any questions, feel free to contact us either via email at info@phillyguntraining.com or directly at 215-765-SAFE (7233).

Classes fill quickly so secure your spot by registering for the class today!

Benefits of having the Utah in addition to your FL and PA permit:

  • Increased reciprocity so you can carry in additional states. View the current list of reciprocal states
  • Reduced future renewal cost; only $15 to renew after the 5 year coverage period
  • Reduced renewal hassle; unlike the Florida permit, you will never have to submit fingerprints again when you renew your, just fill out the application and mail it to Utah with the $15 fee
  • The certificate of completion is good for life so you take the class ONCE and never have to take it again and possibly spend more in the future as the cost of the course is likely to go up
  • Peace of mind; remember, reciprocity changes without us knowing it so your Utah permit may cover you if and when your FL permit coverage changes
  • Availability; Not many instructors offer the Utah permit here in PA so it makes sense to obtain it while you have the chance

Eligibility requirements:

  • Must be 21 or older
  • Must be a law-abiding citizen of good character
  • Have never been convicted of a felony
  • Have never been convicted of any crime of violence
  • Have never been convicted of ANY offense involving the use of alcohol
  • Have never been convicted of ANY offenses involving the unlawful use of drugs or other controlled substances
  • Have never been convicted of any offenses involving moral turpitude
  • Have never been convicted of ANY offense involving domestic violence (inclusive of previous restraining orders)
  • Have never been adjudicated by a court of a state or of the United States as mentally incompetent,
    unless the adjudication has been withdrawn or reversed.

What to bring:

  • A valid driver's license if you're a US citizen
  • A copy of your naturalization papers if you're a resident alien
  • If you're a PA resident, you MUST have and bring with you, a valid PA License to Carry Firearms
  • Be advised, If you're a PA resident, you MUST have and bring with you, a valid PA License to Carry Firearms or we can't submit your application.
  • Pen and pad

What you get:

  • Utah non-resident Concealed Carry License Certificate of Completion which is good for life!
  • Utah Permit (which will be mailed to you upon successful application review) which is good for 5 years!
  • CD with Utah CCW Workbook
  • The ability to renew your permit for only $15 without the need to ever take the class or get fingerprinted ever again!
  • The satisfaction of knowing you've taken steps to exercise your 2nd amendment rights!
  • The peace of mind of knowing that you and your loved ones are protected you travel outside of the states honored by your PA license

Reciprocity with Other States

In accordance with U.C.A. 76-10-523, Utah will honor a permit to carry a concealed firearm issued by another state or county.

Of the states below that have formalized reciprocity or recognition with Utah, there are some states that will only accept the Utah concealed firearm permit so long as the permit holder is a resident of Utah.

It is the responsibility of all Utah concealed firearm permit holders to know and understand the applicable firearm laws of the states within which they plan to visit or venture. For information regarding firearm laws of other states, please contact the respective authority within that state.

Although there are many states that will recognize the Utah concealed firearm permit, the State of Utah has formal reciprocity (written agreement) with the following states (Click on the name of the state for further information):

The following states recognize the Utah concealed firearm permit. (Click on the name of the state for further information):

The following states DO NOT recognize the Utah concealed firearm permit.  (Click on the name of the state for further information):

The Optional Florida Permit Services: $75

If you've been planning on applying for your your Florida Non Resident Permit, while you're at our Utah class, why not take advantage of our Florida Permit Services? Thislast piece of the puzzle will allow you to apply for your Florida Non Resident Permit in addition to your Utah Non Resident Permit.

The services include:

  • Florida applications provided and assistance with correctly filling them out needed
  • Florida permit compliant photos
  • On the spot permit application notarization so that it's ready for mailing
  • Ink fingerprints by a Law Enforcement Officer
  • The Florida permit is good for 7 years
  • The additional peace of mind of knowing that you are additional protected while traveling

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